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School improvement

Writing a school improvement plan

Guidance on writing effective school improvement plans [39.3 KB] [docx]

This guidance explains how to write an effective school improvement plan (SIP). It includes an extract from a model SIP that shows the guidance in action.

Criteria for judging a SIP [23.1 KB] [docx]

SIP and self evaluation template [59.2 KB] [docx]

The criteria is useful for school leaders and governors when evaluating the effectiveness of their school improvement planning.

School improvement procedures

School improvement procedures [137.3 KB] [docx]

Actions for:

  • East Sussex County Council
  • individual schools
  • school partnerships

These aim to secure ongoing improvement in schools and in outcomes for pupils.


Schools and academies do not have to complete a standard template to self-evaluate. However, they must have documentation to support this.

Guidance on self-evaluation (SEF) [24.3 KB] [docx]

Self-evaluation document [41.1 KB] [docx]

The Council and the Primary Board can commission a leadership review. There will be a leadership reviews for schools that:

  • self-assess as category 3 or 4; and
  • are at risk of an Ofsted judgement of Requires Improvement (RI) or lower

Schools can also broker their own leadership reviews. These reviews may be particularly useful for schools which are:

  • midpoint between inspections
  • under a new headteacher’s tenure

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