HALO programme resources

Healthy eating

Healthy eating guidance from HALO [6.0 MB] [docx]

Physical activity

Physical activity guidance from HALO [4.3 MB] [docx]


Children's wellbeing guidance from HALO [2.7 MB] [docx]

Accident prevention

Accident prevention guidance from HALO [3.5 MB] [docx]

Online safety

Independence and self care

Independence and self-care resources from HALO [1.7 MB] [docx]

Oral health resources from HALO [1.1 MB] [docx]

Speech, language and communication

Speech, language and communication resources from HALO [4.9 MB] [docx]


See Activities for children for ideas to support parents:

  • to play with their child at home 
  • with low-cost and free fun educational activities


Sustainability resources from HALO [3.8 MB] [docx]

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