Healthy Active Little Ones (HALO)

HALO is a free programme for early years settings, including school nurseries and childminders. It helps you to reflect, identify and action further development in health and wellbeing areas.

You can access:

  • dedicated coordinator support
  • in-house training and practical support (such as modelling or menu planning)
  • downloadable resources

HALO awards

You can apply for the HALO Award or the HALO Excellence Award. These recognise your commitment to support the health and wellbeing of children, staff and families as part of a whole-setting approach. They show continued improvement and best health and wellbeing practice.

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Healthy eating

Healthy eating guidance from HALO [6.0 MB] [docx]

Physical activity

Physical activity guidance from HALO [4.3 MB] [docx]


Children's wellbeing guidance from HALO [2.7 MB] [docx]

Accident prevention

Accident prevention guidance from HALO [3.5 MB] [docx]

Online safety

Independence and self care

Independence and self-care resources from HALO [1.7 MB] [docx]

Oral health resources from HALO [1.1 MB] [docx]

Speech, language and communication

Speech, language and communication resources from HALO [4.9 MB] [docx]


See Activities for children for ideas to support parents:

  • to play with their child at home 
  • with low-cost and free fun educational activities


Sustainability resources from HALO [3.8 MB] [docx]

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