Activities for children

Ideas to support parents to play with their child at home are on:

50 things to do before you're five

Free or low cost fun educational activities in East Sussex. 

Website: 50 things to do before you’re five

50 things East Sussex | Facebook includes competitions.

Terms and conditions for competitions [20.8 KB] [docx]

Printable resources for childcare settings and schools

50 things poster [786.1 KB] [pdf]

Case study template [96.9 KB] [docx]

Downloadable resources

#17 Hocus Pocus Potions [702.8 KB] [docx]

#22 My Secret Treasures [1.3 MB] [docx]

#33 Home from Home [2.3 MB] [docx]

#37 Show and Tell [573.7 KB] [docx]

#40 Happy Histories [1.1 MB] [docx]

#41 Water Feature [3.0 MB] [docx]

#44 Head for the Hills [2.7 MB] [docx]

#45 Wonderful Waiting Games [1.2 MB] [docx]

#46 Fantastic Paper Folding [945.7 KB] [docx]

#48 Natural Art [1.3 MB] [docx]

Book projects

Early years lead practitioners created these resources for settings and schools. Use them to support the development of vocabulary. Do not share or reproduce for personal profit.

The poetry project

12 poems linked to the seasons. They help children to develop vocabulary at home and in a childcare setting. Each poem is linked to an artist with a range of ideas and resources.

The poetry project [1.7 MB] [docx]

The cookery project

Eight recipes linked to books that will help develop children’s knowledge of the world. Fun facts for each country are a starting point for children to discover more about the world around them.

The cookery project [2.8 MB] [docx]

The understanding the world project

With each book there are ideas to use in settings and share with parents to support home learning. Subjects include the natural world, historical events and geographical concepts.

The understanding the world project [6.6 MB] [docx]

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