Schools, colleges and education settings can find information and resources, including links to DfE guidance to support provision during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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1. Support In Schools

The Education Support Behaviour and Attendance Service (ESBAS) offers a range of support and guidance to schools to resolve specific incidents of bullying behaviour. The team also works to strengthen young people's self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience. Support includes: 

• anti-bullying school assemblies
• classroom resources
• training for teachers, lunchtime supervisors, parents and pupils on mediation, peer listening and becoming a play leader (supervising and supporting pupils during breaks and lunchtimes)
• anti-bullying workshops for primary and secondary schools
• mediation workshops and Restorative Justice Conferencing – bringing together the victim and the bully to try and resolve specific incidents of bullying behaviour
• support for schools to monitor and evaluate their anti-bullying strategies.

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