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Help all students with change and transitions

Experiencing some level of emotional wellbeing challenge in life is normal. The emotional and physical changes of growing up can be stressful.

Hormonal shifts in adolescence may shake self-identity and relationships. The ‘teenage brain’ has less ability to regulate emotion and impulse and feel empathy. Even predictable changes, like the school years, can challenge and affect learning.

Teach social and emotional skills

In a positive school environment, staff and pupils have good social and emotional skills. These skills help young people manage challenges and change. They help prevent mental health problems and risky behaviour.

Schools have a key role in teaching these core skills, attitudes and values:

  • Self-awareness and self-belief.
  • The ability to recognise and manage emotions.
  • Resilience, optimism, persistence and focus.
  • The ability to make social relationships and feel empathy and compassion.

Teaching is just the start. Social and emotional skills only have real impact when the whole school applies them.

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