Ethos and environment

A whole school approach develops a positive ethos where everyone feels they belong.

There is a commitment from everybody to welcome, respect and include. This builds confidence that others will listen and understand.

A key starting point is an emphasis on strengths and abilities to develop a supportive culture in which:

  • Talking about emotions and feelings, mental health and wellbeing is the norm.
  • It is acceptable to acknowledge difficulties and ask for help.
  • You can provide extra input to those with more serious problems in a joined-up way, without stigma.
  • The whole school has the skills and attitudes to support those with greater needs.

Schools with a positive ethos

In practice, schools and classrooms with these core values and attitudes have:

  • low levels of conflict and disruptive behaviour
  • smooth moves from one type of activity to another
  • appropriate ways to express emotion
  • respectful communication and problem solving
  • warm, supportive responses to individual pupils and needs

Ethos and environment resources

Mental health policy and procedures guidance [783.7 KB] [docx]

Relationship policy template [684.3 KB] [docx]

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