Off-rolling notification

You must inform the local authority when a pupil leaves the school and you remove them from the school roll.

Before you do this, make sure that you have received confirmation of:

  • the date the pupil was enrolled at the new school or provision
  • their attendance or absence

Off-roll a pupil

Complete this form to off-roll a pupil:

The pupil’s school file remains your responsibility. Do not send this to the Child Missing Education Officer.

Off-rolling system access

You need a Czone account to off-roll a pupil.

If you do not have an account, a colleague with an account can request one for you using this Czone account request form.

Confirmation you need

Pupil transferring to another school

Contact the destination school, in or outside of East Sussex, to confirm that the child is on their roll and is attending.

Pupil emigrating to another country

Ask the parents to provide confirmation of the move in writing, including:

  • a forwarding address
  • the date that they will be leaving the UK

Pupil leaving to be home educated

Follow the guidance on how to off-roll for home education.

Deceased pupils

Complete the OR1 off-rolling notification form.

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