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School admissions: phase transfers

The school admissions process starts almost two years before children join a school.

Find out more on How admissions arrangements are set | East Sussex County Council.

Phase transfers: What to do and when

Schools should assist parents with applying online or printing information or forms.

Most parents will apply online.  

Schools can view applications on the Schools Access Module (SAM)

See the guide for school actions for:

Paper applications

Apply for a school place 2024 - 2025| East Sussex County Council includes a copy of the application form.

If you or the applicant need help, or for us to post a form, email admissions@eastsussex.gov.uk.

If you receive a paper application, stamp this with the arrival date, scan it and email it to us.

The closing dates for applications for 2024 to 2025 are:

  • 31 October 2023 - Secondary

Parent leaflet for the secondary school application deadline [1.1 MB] [pdf]

  • 15 January 2024 - Primary and Junior

Parent leaflet for the primary school application deadline [1.4 MB] [pdf]

Parent leaflet for the junior school application deadline [1.0 MB] [pdf]

You can also use our Template Admissions Form [146.5 KB] [docx]. You will need to include a link or details of your school's privacy policy on the form. If you have questions on this  or want to make any changes to make this specific to your school please talk your relevant Data Protection Officer.

Read East Sussex County Council's guidance on: Educating children out of year group [62.5 KB] [docx]

All schools - siblings and children of staff

Check sibling claims in SAM and verify applications under the ‘children of staff’ category. Indicate whether they qualify by:

  • 8 January 2024 - Secondary 
  • 15 March 2024 - Primary and junior

For more information about who qualifies, read Final arrangements for 2024-25 | East Sussex County Council 

Primary schools

Ensure that applications for the children in your Year 6 age group have been submitted. If not, you will need to remind parents to apply before the closing date. You may wish to send a reminder by newsletter, SMS or an e-leaflet.

Late applications will be accepted, but only considered after all applications which arrived on time.

If you believe there are exceptional reasons why an application was late, please inform us as soon as possible. We will not be able to do anything about this after allocation.

Children with an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP)

These children will receive details direct from the local authority. If you are proposing to refer other children for assessment, please let us know.

Offer of places

Emails and letters are sent to parents and carers on the national offer days.

Schools can view their pupil’s allocations on SAM and mark if a place has been accepted or refused.

Please send admission forms to your allocated pupils within 10 school days.

All offers must come from the local authority until the end of coordination on 1 September. 

If you are consulted to take additional children with an EHCP after allocation day, let us know straight away. 

Please do not support appeals for your own or other schools.

Key dates for admissions 2024 to 2025

Secondary schools

12 September 2023

Applications open

31 October 2023

Applications close

8 January 2024

Deadline for checking sibling claims and children of staff

1 March 2024

National offer day

Primary and junior schools

12 September 2023

Applications open

15 January 2024

Applications close

15 March 2024

Deadline for checking sibling claims and children of staff

16 April 2024

National offer day

Admissions guidance

Find out more about the coordinated admission schemes:

Contact the Admissions Team

If you have any queries:

Email: admissions@eastsussex.gov.uk 

Phone: 0300 330 9472 between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Email Fair Access Protocol queries to Fair.AccessProtocol@eastsussex.gov.uk 

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