Requests for support

Sometimes, parents ask headteachers or school staff to write supporting letters for an appeal hearing. This might be for a place at another school or your own.

Legally, you cannot support an appeal for your own school.

Supporting an appeal for another school is against the policy of:

  • East Sussex County Council
  • the body responsible for admissions at the school

All places will have been filled so you are endorsing bigger classes. This is not in the best interests of children or staff. 

All parents have a legal right of appeal if they did not get their preference. For more information, visit School appeals guide | East Sussex County Council

Please see the appeal advice document [28.5 KB] [docx].

Vulnerable parent or child

On the family’s behalf, you may wish to share with the panel that the parent or child is vulnerable. You can write a letter for the parents detailing the support your school has offered the family.

Be clear that you are supplying information rather than advocating on the parents’ behalf.

Your letter should not:

  • name the school the parent has appealed for
  • give an opinion on the allocated school. All schools should meet the needs of the children in their care.

Out-of-county grammar school appeals

The school admissions appeals code allows you to confirm that a child is of grammar school standard, despite their score in the 11+ exam being lower than expected.

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