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Transition for pupils with SEN

All transitions between year groups, key stages or schools need careful management. If a child struggles with a transition, it can have a negative impact on their wellbeing and learning.

During any transition period, it is important that pupils:

  • can express their concerns
  • are supported to cope with changes

Some children find transition more difficult and need enhanced support, such as those:

  • with special educational needs
  • who have experienced trauma

Information sharing between settings or classes

Children with additional needs

It is vital to share information about children with additional needs.

This includes:

  • their strengths and difficulties
  • their interests
  • successful strategies and approaches
  • any resources needed

Schools can use the documents on this page to share information. It is important to also have face-to-face or virtual conversations.

Primary schools

Pupil information sharing form [21.3 KB] [docx]

Use this pupil sharing form to pass on information about pupils with difficult or dangerous behaviour who are moving to secondary school.

Secondary schools

Information sharing for vulnerable learners spreadsheet [102.0 KB] [xlsx]  

Complete this spreadsheet for each further education provider, to share information about students who are applying there.

Information sharing for vulnerable learners guidance [109.8 KB] [docx]

This guidance explains:

  • the definition of a vulnerable learner
  • why we share information and informing the families
  • when and how to share information

Access transition support

Contact your Link Adviser to discuss any children you are concerned about.

The Early Years Service (EYS) has transition support for starting school. It includes a multi-agency transition meeting. The EYS will contact SENCOs in schools receiving eligible children.

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