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Pupil premium grant

The pupil premium grant (PPG) is funding to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in state-funded schools in England.

Pupil eligibility

The following groups qualify for pupil premium:

  • Pupils recorded as eligible for free school meals (FSM) now or in the past 6 years, including eligible children of families who have no recourse to public funds (NRPF).
  • Children looked after by local authorities.
  • Children previously looked after by a local authority.
  • Service children

Pupils eligible for free school meals

When you record pupils as eligible for free school meals in the school census they will automatically receive pupil premium.

Help us to check who qualifies for free school meals in the reception intake, to ensure you claim their pupil premium: Submit the free school meals report.

Looked-after children

Funding for looked-after children is paid to the local authority. It covers children of mandatory school age who have been looked after by the local authority for at least one day.

How to request funding

Schools request funding for looked-after children as part of personal education planning (PEP). These requests are considered by a pupil premium panel.

To request funding, complete the pupil premium referral form which is embedded within the personal education plan form. To download the form, visit: Personal education plan.

How to use pupil premium

Virtual School heads are responsible for managing pupil premium funding for the children they look after and for allocating it to educational establishments.

The grant can be used to fund:

  • direct interventions for individual or groups of children
  • strategic developments that will benefit looked-after children and young people. For example, for staff training or to develop nurture resources.

Service children

Service pupil premium is additional funding for schools with pupils who have parents serving in the armed forces. It was combined into pupil premium payments to make it easier for schools to manage their spending.

For eligibility criteria, see Pupil premium: overview | GOV.UK 

Pupil premium grant funding rates for 2023-24

Pupil premium grant per pupil
Type  Per pupil
Reception to year 6  £1,455
Pupils in years 7 to 11  £1,035
Looked-after children £2,530
Previously looked-after children £2,530
Service pupils in reception to year 11 or receiving a child pension from the Ministry of Defence £335

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