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Additional needs plan (ANP)

  1. Create an additional needs plan

1. When to use an additional needs plan

Pupils with special educational needs

Mainstream schools can meet the needs of most pupils with special educational needs (SEN) with good quality, personalised planning and teaching.

For pupils who are falling behind, extra targeted school-based support may be necessary.

Use an additional needs plan (ANP) for pupils who continue to:

  • make little or no progress
  • work at a level well below their peers

Many of these children are likely to be receiving support from other agencies.

Looked-after children

ANPs are part of personal education plans for looked-after children.

Pupils with past fixed-period exclusions

A pupil who has had several exclusions and is at risk of more may have special educational needs. They should have an additional needs plan.

This school-based plan is to help a pupil manage their behaviour.

It should:

  • try to identify the causes or triggers for the behaviour
  • set clear targets for improved behaviour, within a fixed timescale
  • detail strategies to support the pupil to meet the targets
  • identify rewards for meeting the targets
  • identify sanctions if the targets are not met

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