Early years/school/college based additional needs plans


Schools, colleges and education settings can find information and resources, including links to DfE guidance to support provision during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Access  key information and resources to support East Sussex schools during the pandemic,  including  SEND-specific information and links to the latest DfE guidance.

What is a school/college based additional needs plan?

Most children and young people with SEN will have their needs met through good quality, personalised planning and teaching in a mainstream educational setting - Early Years, School or College.

A few children or young people who are falling behind or making inadequate progress may need extra, targeted school based support additional to and different from what is normally available. A provision map is a good way to showing what is being done.

In East Sussex an early years/ school/college additional needs plan is used when, despite the appropriate targeted support, a child/young person continues to make little or no progress or to work at levels considerably below those of their peers. Many of these children are likely to be receiving support from other agencies. 

An additional needs plan can be as simple as the one page document at the end of the plan using the  'Assess, Plan, Do, Review' cycle or it may need to be a longer plan.  This plan is also being used for looked after children education plans. 

The plan should be reviewed at least three times a year. 

Additional needs plan

Download a template to create an additional needs plan. 

Read our Assess, Plan, Do, Review guidance document for further information.