Improvement audits (EYFS)

Improvement audits help you to reflect on your practice, to ensure you meet statutory requirements. These may form part of the local authority support.

Complete them with an Early Years Support and Intervention Officer, or as part of your ongoing reflective practice.


Childminder management and safeguarding audit - no assistants [519.3 KB] [docx]

Childminder management and safeguarding audit - with assistants [535.8 KB] [docx]


Group management and safeguarding - full audit [529.6 KB] [docx]

Group management and safeguarding - short audit [521.8 KB] [docx]

All providers

Learning and development audit [506.8 KB] [docx]

Observation of characteristics of effective learning [498.8 KB] [docx]

Childcare register audit [500.4 KB] [docx]

Guidance on required policies and procedures for settings [490.2 KB] [docx]

Sources of support for early years providers [489.6 KB] [docx]

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