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Assessment and moderation

Teacher assessment frameworks

East Sussex guidance grids:

Key stage 1

Key stage 2

From 2023/24, end of KS1 assessments will no longer be statutory. Progress at the end of KS2 will be measured using the reception baseline which became statutory in 2020/21.

The KS1 teacher assessment frameworks (TAFs) will still be available on Standards and Testing Agency (STA). STA will also continue to produce end of KS1 tests for reading, mathematics and grammar, punctuation and spelling, but these will be optional.

Five principles of effective assessment [310.4 KB] [docx] guidance from the South-East Inter-Local Authority Group

Statutory frameworks

Exemplification materials

The DfE has not yet published any exemplification for PKS writing or mathematics. When this is published, we will add it here.

National curriculum assessments

Practice materials for the phonics screening check, key stage 1 and key stage 2 national curriculum tests, including past test papers:

Practice materials | GOV.UK

EYFS profile assessment

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile - 2024 handbook

Courses and support

We provide many assessment courses online via Microsoft Teams.

For more information, visit Assessment courses | Learning Portal 

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