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Sending confidential information

AnyComms+ for large files or bulk transfer

Use AnyComms+ to transfer information securely between:

  • schools
  • Children’s Services
  • schools finance
  • employee services

It is web based and does not rely on software installed on your computer. All connections are secure and files are encrypted.

Anycomms+ is not a file storage system. After 30 days, it deletes files from the system if they are not downloaded. Save any files you need to access later.

New user accounts

For new user accounts, email CS.Information.Systems@eastsussex.gov.uk

Password resets

For a password reset:

Phone: 01273 482519

Email: schoolsict@eastsussex.gov.uk

Common Transfer Files (CTFs) - when pupils change schools

Common Transfer Files (CTFs) electronically import and export data when pupils transfer from one school to another.

Send CTFs via the School to School (S2S) secure website.

For guidance on how to use it, read the: School to school (S2S) data transfer system: guides | GOV.UK 


Email: CS.Information.Systems@eastsussex.gov.uk

Sending secure emails to the Council

SecureMail allows schools and East Sussex County Council (ESCC) staff to exchange sensitive or confidential information safely.  It is only used for email correspondence with the council.

You can use the system to contact any ESCC email address ending in @eastsussex.gov.uk.

How to register

The first time you receive a secure email, register with the SecureMail system. Enter your email to set up your account and password.

You will get a ‘key’ that only you will know. With the key you can decrypt the contents of the email and attachments and reply securely.

Login to ESCC SecureMail

For help with SecureMail, visit Secure email | East Sussex County Council

Send information to other organisations

To send confidential information to other organisations electronically, use a secure transfer mechanism or encryption.

If there is not a secure electronic system available, use encryption software to encrypt confidential information before you send it.

Avoid faxing confidential information. Only fax as a last resort if it is urgent and there is no more secure option available.

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