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Emergency school closures

An emergency school closure is when you must close your school due to an unplanned incident. For example, due to severe weather or a burst water main.

You do not need to be at school to report a closure, but you do need an account.

Make sure that only one member of staff reports a closure on the system, so that parents only receive one message.

The system will:

  • confirm on-screen that it has processed your school closure
  • list the closure on School closures | East Sussex County Council
  • email local radio stations - BBC Radio Sussex, More Radio, Seahaven Radio, Heart FM, Uckfield FM
  • email our relevant teams and subscribers to the system

School closure system access

You need a Czone account to report an emergency school closure.

If you do not have an account, a colleague with an account can request one for you using this Czone account request form.

Password reset

If you have an account but need a password reset, email Schools.ICTServices@eastsussex.gov.uk

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