Courier service

Our free courier service carries items between Council properties across the county.

Courier routes [56.7 KB] [docx]

Sending items by internal courier

  • To send envelopes and small packages, leave them in the courier ‘post collection tray’ for your team.
  • Clearly address and wrap or box all items. The courier will not transport loose items.
  • Have courier items ready for collection 30 mins before the time on the route schedule, so that you do not delay the driver.

Returning items by external courier

To return items for collection by external courier, you must provide the post room with:

  • a return number
  • the name of the courier company collecting
  • an address label

Special rules

Larger items

Our courier vehicles are designed for moving mail, small packaged items and sacks of paper waste. They have limited extra space.

Items weighing more than 15 kg must be arranged with the post room in advance. Phone: 01273 481 650.

Valuable items

We can track valuable work-related items with a signature from the sender and the recipient.

Phone 01273 481 650 to arrange this in advance.

Confidential and recycled waste

Courier drivers can only pick up one or two bags of confidential and recycled waste at each site.

Please do not overfill these bags. Drivers can refuse to take bags that they feel are too heavy.

Boxed material for archiving

Drivers can only take two boxes of material for archiving from a site at any time. This depends on the space available in the vehicle.

Personal items

Our courier service will not transport personal items. These are not insured and East Sussex County Council accepts no liability. Staff are responsible for the cost of sending personal items.

Drivers will refuse to take envelopes containing cash. You send cash at your own risk.

One-off trips

For one-off trips, contact the post room on 01273 481 650.

Moving items within buildings

Facilities staff at these sites are happy to move items within the buildings:


County Hall and Sackville House


Cavendish House and Muriel Matters House  


St Mary’s House and St Mark’s House

Contact the post room

Phone: 01273 481 650

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