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Safeguarding audits

Maintained schools, academies and colleges

175 Safeguarding audit tool [144.8 KB] [docx]

To support schools with self-assessing their safeguarding practice.

Governors scrutiny of safeguarding support [104.1 KB] [docx]

This tool supports governors with scrutiny of safeguarding practice. It is aligned with the audit tool.

Independent schools

There are three audit options for independent schools. Complete the one which works best for your circumstances.

175 Safeguarding audit [144.8 KB] [docx]

This is the same audit that is used for maintained schools.

157 Non-boarding safeguarding audit [145.0 KB] [docx]

This has all the statements from the standard audit and relevant statements from the Independent Schools Standards Regulations (ISSR). The document structure is parallel to the ‘parts’ of the ISSR document. This format helps with reporting to governors on the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) elements of safeguarding. 

157 with boarding safeguarding audit [152.7 KB] [docx]

This combines all the statements from the standard audit, the ISSR statements and the relevant statements from the National Minimum Standards for boarding. 

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