Emotionally-based school avoidance

Emotionally-based school avoidance (EBSA) is when a pupil has severe difficulty in attending school due to emotional factors. 

This toolkit and guidance offers advice on supporting children and young people with EBSA.

EBSA toolkit

EBSA toolkit [5.2 MB] [pdf]

EBSA toolkit - Word  [1.1 MB] [docx]

Network Meetings

Network sessions are available to support school-based practitioners to address situations where children and young people have reduced attendance/are not attending school for emotional reasons.  The meetings provide an opportunity for open discussion and problem-solving, so they offer learning rather than training.

To see dates and to book, please see Mental health | East Sussex County Council.

EBSA guidance for parent carers

This guidance was developed by parent carers:

EBSA guidance for parent carers, children and young people [877.0 KB] [pdf]


These 30 minute webinars have been produced to support the EBSA toolkit. 

- Emotionally-based school avoidance - webinar 1

Watch on YouTube: "Emotionally-based school avoidance - webinar 1"

- Context and overview - webinar 2

Watch on YouTube: "Context and overview - webinar 2"

- Assess and plan - webinar 3

Watch on YouTube: "Assess and plan - webinar 3"

- Do and review - webinar 4

Watch on YouTube: "Do and review - webinar 4"

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