Unique Pupil Numbers

2. Transfer a pupil's UPN to your school

When a pupil changes school their UPN should be transferred with them. This is normally done via a common transfer file using the School to School (s2s) secure transfer. For more information see the Department for Education website

If a pupil transfers to your school, you should make every effort to find out their previous UPN. If necessary you can contact the Planning and Performance Team and they can access the National Pupil Database on your school’s behalf. Please send an email containing the pupil’s name and date of birth to cs.data.management@eastsussex.gov.uk.   

Independent schools and schools in Wales are not required to issue UPNs but many have done so on a voluntary basis. UPNs from those schools should be valid and acceptable to software systems in England. However, UPNs issued by schools in Scotland and Northern Island are not be valid within school software systems in England so you should issue new permanent UPNs to pupils transferring from Scotland or Northern Island.

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