Information sharing agreements with academies and free schools

1. Data Exchange Agreements

Data exchange allows schools (academies and free schools) and the Local Authority (LA) to work in partnership to

  • improve the attainment,
  • the progress and
  • the participation in education and training

of young people in East Sussex.

East Sussex County Council is required to fulfil its statutory duties for all children and schools within its boundary. Paramount among these duties is the need to meet the authorities’ safeguarding requirements. It is also to enhance the ability of partner organisations to support the learning and welfare of children and young people. This will be helped through the exchange of data and use of information not otherwise available to either organisation.

There is a statutory duty on the LA to ensure there are

  • enough school places in their area,
  • promote high educational standards,
  • ensure fair access to educational opportunity and
  • promote the fulfilment of every child’s educational potential.

They must also promote diversity and increase parental choice. As such, this agreement is a formal extension of and companion to the protocol document provided by the LA as part of the CTA.

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