INSET days

Schools have five INSET days per year, which are used for in-service training.
In East Sussex the first INSET day is always set for the first day of the new academic year.

Your school is able to set the remaining four days. You may choose to set INSET days during the school day or use twilight sessions, for example four sessions between 4pm and 6pm.

It is the school’s responsibility to inform us of any new, or changed, INSET days. If service providers and contractors are not notified of a school closure, additional costs may be incurred by the school.

Your closure information will be used to:

  • publish school closure dates on the County Council website
  • tell contractors when schools will not require services
  • tell providers of home-to-school transport when transport won't be needed, and
  • help County Council staff plan their contact with schools.

Once you have set your INSET dates please send them to These dates will then be displayed on your school page on the County Council website