Data Sharing and the Learner Destination Measures


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The local authority has a duty to track the destinations of all 16-18 year-old young people. We do this in a number of ways including:

  • receiving enrolment data from post-16 providers
  • contacting young people directly, and
  • through the use of social media.

In order to support us to track young people effectively, we have also developed a Year 11 Privacy Notice and a data sharing agreement with post-16 providers as detailed below

Year 11 Privacy Notice

Secondary schools are asked to share the privacy notice with all Year 11 learners in term 5, either directly or by including a copy on their website along side the School Privacy Notice.
This allows us to share data with post-16 providers who can then contact them when they leave school.

Schools are asked to confirm with us by 31st May that they have completed the privacy notice, by e-mailing

Aspire School View

Aspire School View gives schools the ability to use the Local Authority's CCIS database to view their current and past student records for destination monitoring. Schools can download tables, charts and raw data showing post-16 situations, including those leavers who are not meeting participation duty, NEET and not known.
Schools will also be able to track the current year 11 Intended Destinations and September Guarantee progress throughout year, enabling them to identify learners with weak or unrealistic intentions (including employment or apprenticeship but no employer identified), and offer them additional CE IAG to help them ensure a suitable progression route.
In addition, School View offers the ability for Careers Advisers to record any careers work, such as 1:1 interviews and group talks, as well as add documents, such as CVs to the student’s record.

To find out more about Aspire School View and obtain logins for your CEIAG workers, contact

Annual Activity Survey

Each Autumn, East Sussex carries out a survey of the destinations of Year 11 full-time students from all maintained mainstream schools, special schools and virtual colleges. The survey shows the Intended Destinations, September Guarantee status and current situation (in October) of Year 11 leavers each year. This data is used by the DfE to help inform the Learner Destination Measures.

The following reports are available as part of the Annual Activity Survey:

East Sussex All Schools Report showing the Intended Destinations, September Guarantee status and current situation of Year 11 leavers by destination type and as a percentage for each school and by geographical area

Learner Level Destinations Report of all Year 11 leavers are available going back to 2005. These reports are only made available to individual schools.

Please contact if you would like access to them.

Learner Destination Measures

The Department for Education published the first set of Learner Destinations Measures in July 2012. The measures show the destinations of learners the year after they leave learning.

There are two measures: one shows the destinations of learners the year after they left Key Stage 4 learning; and the second the destinations of learners after taking A level or equivalent qualifications (Key Stage 5).

The data can be viewed on the Department for Education website.

The DfE has stated that they intend to include this data in school performance tables in future years, and that they expect Ofsted to use the data when inspecting schools and providers.

The measures can be used to assess the success of an institution in preparing their learners for future progression, including how well the institution is delivering their new Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance duties.