Data on Participation and NEET


The latest 17/18 year old participation data for East Sussex: The February 2018 Participation dashboard

Reducing the number of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) is a key priority for East Sussex County Council and its partners.

Significant progress has been made by focusing on three key areas:

  • improving how data is used and analysed
  • providing a broader range of learning opportunities
  • supporting transition and removing barriers

Participation reports

These reports give information about data in terms of EET and NEET status and some characteristics of the cohorts in East Sussex. Note: reports do not contain data for the months of August and September, due to the rollover in year groups.

Monthly Participation Dashboard (from 2013 to date)

Department for Education (DfE) participation reports

The DfE also produces reports detailing participation in education or training beyond the age of 16.

Management information summary

Local Authorities are required to submit monthly data returns to DfE via the National Client Caseload Information System (NCCIS).

The DfE then provides Local Authorities with reports on the participation of  16-18 year olds, including NEET, in learning and unknowns:

Download the 16-18 Participation summary report (NCCIS)

Data sharing and learner destination measures

You can find out more about our duty to track the destinations of young people, how we share data and the DfE's Learner Destination Measures by visiting our page on data sharing and the learner destination measures. You can also download the Annual Activity Survey which provides details, by school, of the destinations of all Year 11 leavers.