Looked after children and children in care

2. The Virtual School

The Virtual School aims to help children and young people in care to do as well as possible in their learning. It helps children from pre-school and reception through to the age of 19. In the case of those who remain in full time education, the Virtual School supports them up to the age of 25.
The Virtual School acts as corporate parents for East Sussex looked after children and care leavers. It also:
  • Offers support and guidance to schools working with looked after children from other local authorities
  • Supports children and young people who have left care and been adopted.

Virtual Headteacher

The virtual headteacher runs the Virtual School. They act as though they have a school made up of all the children and young people in care. They do this by:
  • monitoring their progress
  • championing their educational needs
  • providing or commissioning extra support
The virtual headteacher is Mandy Lewis.

Governing body

The Virtual School has a governing body and the chairperson is Sally Carnie.

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