Therapeutic Thinking

6. What happens at the training?

What happens on the training?

The training is led by external Therapeutic Thinking consultant – Angela Wadham. The training is delivered using PowerPoint and all attendees are provided provided with the PowerPoint electronically for note-taking and to use when back in their schools. 

The training will cover all the key principles of Therapeutic Thinking a well as some engagement sections which enable attendees to realise the necessity for this philosophy to be embedded in East Sussex. There is always an ISEND representative at the training to answer questions and comment on any county-based queries and statistics.

The training will provide clear guidance and support in how to use the Therapeutic Thinking analysis and planning tools. These are also provided as hard copes and electronic copies for all attendees to use and share in their schools.

On the third day the attendees will each deliver their own 8-minute presentation to the group with a partner. This is an essential part of the training. The presentation resources and time to prepare are included within the training and all those that have partaken in this activity have been enthusiastic about it as an experience and learning tool.

Currently the Training is being held via Teams invites and facilitated with regular reflection activities, break out rooms and the opportunity for questions and answers and supported use of the ‘chat’ facility.

If attendees are in school during the training, they are encouraged to release themselves from any duties, or rotas they may be on in school, however, we appreciate and understand that unavoidable situations may pull you away for short periods of time.

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