Therapeutic Thinking

5. Who can access the training and how to apply?

Who can access the Therapeutic Thinking Training?

Any school in East Sussex can send a representative to the training. This includes Academies, Free Schools, Special Schools and Alternative Provision.

The representatives sent to the training should include the Head Teacher of the school. Additional representatives should be part of the Senior Leadership team or Inclusion Team.

School’s should consider whether the representatives they put forward for the training have both; the presentation skills to re-deliver the material, and the authority within school to action change.

Primary Schools are encouraged to send a maximum of 2 members of staff to the training and Secondary Schools a maximum of 3 members of staff. They do not have to both attend the same cohort. 

How do schools apply for the Therapeutic Thinking Training?

Schools should complete the Application Form and send it to

Once received you will be sent confirmation that you are booked on your selected dates and more information about the venue, etc.

There is no qualifying criteria to meet in order for schools to apply. Schools must just complete the Application Form and agree to commit to the sessions they book.

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