Therapeutic Thinking

2. Wider aims of Therapeutic Thinking??

What are the wider aims of Therapeutic Thinking in East Sussex?

Our aim is to also embed the Therapeutic Thinking framework across all ESCC services so that we generate a common language for both understanding children’s behaviours and responding to them in an inclusive way that promotes change.

ISEND and SLES staff are already trained in Therapeutic Thinking and are therefore able to provide schools with appropriate support in embedding the principles within their settings.

As Therapeutic Thinking grows within East Sussex there are already plans in place to work closely with Social Care, Health and in the future, the Police.

How does Therapeutic Thinking sit Nationally?

We are working alongside 10 other counties that have either embedded Therapeutic Thinking or are on their journey to doing so. We have regular link meetings, share resources and expertise.

In Hertfordshire it has been running (under the name ‘Steps’) since 2012. They now have a county-wide, multi-agency approach across Education, Social Care, Health and the Police.

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