Support for children too sick to attend school


DfE Guidance on temporary changes: attendance recording for educational settings whilst closed due to the coronavirus 

We have put together key information and resources for schools to help maintain provision during the COVID-19 situation.

Long term or indefinite absence from school 

A child may have been withdrawn from school for a number of reasons. Guidance on who you can contact is listed below.

Children who are too ill to attend school

If a child has been absent from school for 15 consecutive days and a paediatrician can confirm that this absence is due to ill health, the child can get help to keep up with their learning at home. This cannot act as a long-term alternative to mainstream education, and the pupil should return to school once they are able. Throughout this period, schools continue to be responsible for the care and education of their pupils.

If the child is too ill to return to school they will need to be educated by the Teaching and Learning Provision.

For more information, please contact the Teaching and Learning Provision.

Children educated at home

If a child is being educated at home, by the parent’s choice, the school that the child was attending will need to notify the Teaching and Learning Provision.

Please follow the below link to the East Sussex county Council website

Support for children too sick to attend school