Off Rolling: a notification if a child is missing education

1. Off Rolling

Off-rolling notification

When a pupil leaves school and is removed from the school’s roll, you can now notify the Local Authority that you have done this using the new online Off-rolling Notification Form (OR1).

However, schools should only do this when they have confirmation of the date on which the pupil was placed on roll at the new school or provision and have been provided with details of attendance or absence.

  • For pupils transferring to another school in or outside of East Sussex: you will need to contact the destination school to establish that the child is on their roll and is in fact attending. Only then should you complete the OR1 Notification Form.
  • For pupils emigrating to another country: you will need to seek confirmation of this in writing from the parents, asking for a forwarding address and the date that they will be leaving the UK. Only then should you complete the OR1 Notification Form.
  • For pupils leaving to be home educated: you will need to ask the parent(s) to confirm this in writing and forward a copy of the letter to the Off-Rollling team, prior to completing the OR1 Notification Form.
  • For deceased pupils you will need to complete the OR1 Notification Form at the earliest opportunity.

Please note that the pupil’s school file remains the responsibility of the school and should not be sent to the CME Officer.

Off Rolling Form

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