Elective Home Education


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1. Guidance for schools

  • In England education is compulsory, school is not.
  • Parents have the right to education their children at home under section 7 of the Education Act 1996

Elective home education can be a positive and viable alternative to a school placement where it is;

  • Carefully planned
  • Well thought out
  • A plan is put in place outlining who will take responsibility for the teaching of the child
  • The financial impact of home education is planned for and understood
  • The potential impact of loss of earnings is planned for and understood

Elective home education may not work when:

  • There is a relationship issue/breakdown with the school
  • There is an Special Educational Need (SEN), including Social, Emotional, Mental Health (SMEH)
  • There are concerns about the literacy levels of parent/carer
  • There is current or past social care involvement

Please be aware that there is a Local Agreement in place between all schools in ESCC which means that any child who is in receipt of an unsuitable home education will return to their original school.

The Elective Home Education Policy - this covers the roles and responsibilities of parents, schools and the Local Authority in relation to home educated students. 

The Home education guidance for parents - this talks parents through the elective home education process.

Both documents are available on the East Sussex website.

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