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1. Exclusions

Support for pupils at risk of exclusion

You should only consider excluding a pupil from your school when all other measures to support the pupil have been investigated.

Additional Needs Plan (ANP)

Any pupil who has had several fixed-period exclusions and is thought to be at serious risk of further exclusion should have an Additional Needs Plan (ANP) as it is likely that they have special educational needs.

An Additional Needs Plan (ANP)is a school-based intervention to help individual pupils manage their behaviour, and it could involve other agencies where appropriate, such as a tier three support service (e.g. ESBAS or Early Help Keyworker).

It should:

  • seek to identify the causes or triggers for the behaviours being seen
  • set clear targets for improved behaviour, within a fixed timescale
  • detail strategies to support the pupil to meet the targets
  • identify rewards for meeting the targets
  • identify sanctions that will be applied if the targets are not met.



More advice can be sought from the Education Support, Behaviour and Attendance Service (ESBAS)

Phone:  01273 481967

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