Admissions - the basics


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3. In-year admissions

An in-year admission is the admission of a pupil to a school which takes place outside of the normal entry times.  We recommend parents and carers apply online. Schools should regularly check SAM for applications (at least twice weekly during term time).

How decisions are made (commmunity and voluntary controlled schools)

Community and voluntary controlled school staff should not offer places to applicants.

If there is a vacancy, the School Admissions and Transport Team will offer the place by email and advise the parent to contact the school to arrange a start date.

If there's competition for a place, the Admissions team will offer the place to the child with highest priority.

If there are no places available, the Admissions team will resolve the application.  Families will then have the right to appeal and/or go on the waiting list.   

Waiting list offers will also come from the Admissions team.

To enable this to happen, schools need to advise the Admissions team as soon as vacancies arise, or if places have not been accepted within ten school days.

Community and voluntary controlled schools are legally required to comply with admissions decisions made by East Sussex County Council.


Own Admission Authority Schools

Please refer to the page on the Schools Access Module (SAM) for advice on what action schools need to take to notify the Admissions Team of decisions on in-year applications.

Own admission authority schools are legally obliged to make admissions decisions in accordance with the requirements of the School Admissions Code 2021 whether they opt in to the scheme or not.  Please note that this requires notifying East Sussex County Council of outcomes of applications within five school days of receiving (not downloading) them.  This is to ensure that statutory deadlines around offering a school place and/or referring to the Fair Access Protocol can be met.

Own admission authority schools are also legally obliged to comply with the locally agreed Fair Access Protocol.

Further Information

East Sussex County Council in year admission arrangements 2022-23

East Sussex County Council co-ordinated scheme of in year admissions 2022-23

School Admissions Code 2021

East Sussex Fair Access Protocol 2021

Queries should be addressed to your admissions contact by email in the first instance, to, or by telephone on 0300 330 9472 between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday. Fair Access Protocol queries should be addressed to  Further information can be sought from if necessary.

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