Admissions - the basics


DfE Guidance on temporary changes: attendance recording for educational settings whilst closed due to the coronavirus 

We have put together key information and resources for schools to help maintain provision during the COVID-19 situation.

+++ Please see latest information on the primary and junior allocation process in Phase transfer information +++

3. In-year admissions

An in-year admission is the admission of a pupil to a school which takes place outside of the normal entry times. Parents should apply online and schools should check SAM regularly for applications (at least weekly during term time).

How decisions are made

If there is a vacancy, schools can offer places and arrange a start date with the parent.

If there's competition for a place, the school must apply their admission criteria when deciding who is offered the vacancy. Schools cannot make a decision on any other basis.

If there are no places available, the Admissions team will resolve the application. 

Please refer to the page on the Schools Access Module (SAM) for advice on what action schools need to take to notify the Admissions Team of decisions on in-year applications.

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