AVCO AnyComms secure data transfer


Avco AnyComms is being replaced with a new ESCC cloud hosted version.

Enrolments start in batches from 14 June until the end of Summer Term.

Enrolment forms and guidance will be sent to each school over the next few weeks. Please keep a look out and action.

AnyComms+  is used to transfer information securely between schools, Children’s Services, Schools Finance and HR/Employee Services.

The benefits are:

  • it’s a web application, so requires no desktop software installation.
  • an improved user experience.
  • a more secure solution than is currently provided.

The project team are hosting a series of virtual drop-in sessions on Teams every Friday at 11am from 18 June to 23 July.

To get an overview and an opportunity to ask questions.

Please register your interest for one of the following sessions:

Download our guide.

Common Transfer File

Common Transfer Files (CTFs) are files which are used to electronically import and export data when pupils transfer from one school to another.

CTFs should be sent via the School to School (S2S) secure website.

For further information, please contact CS Information Systems.