School Information Management System (SIMS)


The Schools ICT team remain open. We have teams working in various locations and are ready to help you wherever we can. If you have any problems contacting us by phone please try emailing us.
Also please do keep an eye on our twitter account at for updates about our services.
Preparing for a New School Year/SIMS End of Year detailed and summary guidance notes are now available:

Schools ICT Remote Training May - July 2020

SIMS – Preparing for the school year (created May 2020)

Schools ICT has created some useful guidance about preparing for the school year using SIMS:

If you require additional training, we are still offering training, remotely, for all aspects of SIMS and SAM. If you require training or consultancy, please contact 01323 747068 or email

Schools ICT MIS Remote Training May – July 2020

All our current MIS training and consultancies will be delivered online using Microsoft Teams. In order to attend any of these training sessions it is essential that you have Teams installed; your trainer will contact you prior to the training to test connections.

School Census / School Workforce Census Online 1:1 MIS Consultancies using Microsoft Teams
We will be providing online 1:1 consultancy sessions for Census and School Workforce Census in Sept/Oct, please contact SIMS Training on 01323 747068 / 07701021220 or email if you would like to book a date.

Coming soon
We will also be offering useful online bite-size webinars e.g. how to set up a pre-admission group, managing users in System Manager, how to record exceptional circumstances. We will keep you updated with further information.

To book onto these courses please complete the Remote working booking form.

SIMS Training Sept - Dec 2020


17th   SIMS Office User

21st   Attendance

30th   SIMS SEN User


5th    SIMS Personnel User

7th    Standard Reporting

21st  SIMS Office User Further Skills


3rd    SIMS Personnel and Links to FMS

5th    SIMS Management of Behaviour and Achievement

10th  SIMS Mail Merge: Labels, Letters and Certificates

12th  Profiles/Individual Reports

18th  Extended Reporting

19th  SIMS Office User

30th  Reporting In Personnel


1st   Reporting in SEN 

SIMS Reporting, Assessment & Guidance

Schools ICT Training

Training available for New Staff

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