School Information Management System (SIMS)


SEN Matrix of Needs - how to set up or amend the matrix of needs

3BM SIMS Attendance Report - A useful new way to monitor and report on your schools attendance using SIMS

SIMS Parent App Lite; free SIMS App that ensures your school are GDPR compliant

Do you want to:

  • Save time in the office
  • Reduce printing costs
  • Spend less time data inputting into SIMS

SIMS Parent App Lite is a free, easy to use, easy to administer app that will help your school meet requirements, and work in line with the upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines as well as support your school around current Ofsted standards in respect of parental engagement. It allows schools to collect the most up-to-date data about students and their parents, removing the need for manual Data Collection Sheets, and the hours associated with updating SIMS manually. Available on iOS, Android and a browser, the SIMS Parent Lite app provides a convenient and accessible solution for parents to electronically review and request changes to the data held on them and their children. Schools have the ability to send notifications to parents, reminding them to update their details, reducing manual data entry and eliminating paper based data collection. 

Prior to a successful launch of this new App, it is ESSENTIAL that the information displayed to Parents is accurate and timely. Before Parent App can be released to a school you will need to complete a check list to ensure all areas have been checked and if necessary updated.

This course either offered at St Mary's House, Eastbourne or at your school is designed to help staff understand what data will be displayed in Parent App Lite and how the data held in SIMS should be prepared.

Schools ICT Training

Upcoming Training Courses

School Year 2018/19

* please note flyers on Czone do not have dates as they are used multiple times throughout the school year*


9th           Reporting on Behaviour and Achievement (half day - am)

12th         Domestic Exams (half day - am)

14th         Interventions Secondary (am)

14th         Interventions Primary (pm)

22nd        SIMS Office User (full day)

23rd        SIMS Mail Merge (half day - am)

28th        Student Options Online (half day - am)

29th        Attendance using Discover (am or pm)


7th & 10th  Exams Organiser ( 2 full days)

10th           SAM Demo Session (full day)

SIMS Reporting, Assessment & Guidance

Please note: All examples of reports that include pupil names, addresses and contacts are taken from a SIMS training database and therefore are not real pupil/teacher/data.

When you open an exe file it has complete access to your computer and may add, delete or change files. If you have any questions about opening one of the exe files below please contact Schools ICT. Reports are available to help you when using SIMS (Schools Information Management System) modules. 

SIMS Additional Modules & Partner Products

SIMS Additional Modules & Partner Products