School Information Management System (SIMS)


The Capita SIMS Accreditation school survey starts on Monday 4 March and runs until Friday 15 March.

If you wish to prepare for the survey by viewing the questions in advance follow the link below to the School Survey Preparation document.

Please read the introduction carefully - remember the actual survey is online (and accessed via the email from Capita)

Survey Preparation Document

Schools ICT Training

Upcoming Training Courses

School Year 2018/19


8th     SIMS Personnel User (full day)  

11th    SIMS SEN User (full day)

13th    SIMS Office User 'Further Skills' (full day)

14th    Curriculum Management using NovaT (4 day course - day 1)

15th    Curriculum Management using NovaT (4 day course - day 2)


4th   Examinations Organiser (1.5 day course - day 1)

6th    Standard Reporting (full day)

8th    Examinations Organiser (1.5 day course - day 2)

11th  Curriculum Management using NovaT (4 day course - day 3)

12th  Curriculum Management using NovaT (4 day course - day 4)

18th  SIMS Mailmerge - Labels, letters & certificates (half day - am)

19th  SIMS Management of Behaviour and Achievement (full day)

20th  SIMS Office User (full day)

22nd Extended Reporting (full day)

29th   Academic Management (full day)


1st    Interventions Secondary (half day - am)

1st     Interventions Primary (half day - pm)


SIMS Reporting, Assessment & Guidance

Please note: All examples of reports that include pupil names, addresses and contacts are taken from a SIMS training database and therefore are not real pupil/teacher/data.

When you open an exe file it has complete access to your computer and may add, delete or change files. If you have any questions about opening one of the exe files please contact Schools ICT. Reports are available to help you when using SIMS (Schools Information Management System) modules. 

SIMS Additional Modules & Partner Products, Capita videos

 SIMS Additional Modules & Partner Products

Capita videos featuring the new features in the Spring 2019 release: