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Schools ICT Services

Schools ICT Annual Training Feedback; you said, we've done! (Adobe PDF, 186KB)

SIMS (Schools Information Management System)
Schools ICT Newsletters
Schools ICT Training
Reporting using SIMS
SIMS Installation and guidance
SIMS Guidance and updates
SIMS Assessment: quick reference and helpsheets
Additional SIMS Modules
Telephone services for schools, structured and wireless networks, and file and backup management
Educational prices for software licensing
Hardware specifications including laptops, desktops, servers and peripherals, plus details of how to safely dispose of unwanted computer hardware
ICT training
Information security and the acceptable use of ICT
Advice and guidance on information security, including telephone, fax and email security, transferring information outside of school and what schools should do to protect confidential information
SEGfL Free Content.pdf
Attached is an up to date list of free NEN content that SEGfL schools have access to; these resources are part of schools membership to SEGfL

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CASPA is a simple and intuitive tool for the analysis and evaluation of attainment and progress for pupils with Special Educational Needs who are working significantly below age-related expectations
The primary objective of securuseducation is to protect young people in education from on-line dangers and Securus is proud to count amongst its team, a number of renowned experts in the area of e-Safety.
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