Sending secure emails

1. What SecureMail is used for

You can send and receive sensitive and confidential information using our SecureMail system. This is in addition to existing secure information exchange methods, such as AVCO AnyComms.

SecureMail allows East Sussex County Council (ESCC) staff and schools to exchange sensitive or confidential information safely. You can use the system to contact any ESCC email address ending ‘’. The system is only for email correspondence with the Council.

For sending confidential information to other organisations, see ‘Other secure ways of sending confidential information’.

2. Using the SecureMail system

Log in to the system via the link below:

The first time you receive a secure email, you will be asked to register with the SecureMail system on the ESCC website. You will be given a ‘key’ or password that only you will know. You can then decrypt the contents of the email and attachments and reply securely.

For guidance on how to register and use SecureMail, visit our main website.

3. Other secure ways of sending confidential information

When sending confidential information to other organisations electronically, your school should use a secure transfer mechanism or encryption.