AVCO AnyComms+ secure data transfer


To set up new user accounts please contact:

For password reset issues please contact:
schoolsict@eastsussex.gov.uk 01273 482519

AnyComms+ is used to transfer information securely between schools, Children’s Services, Schools Finance and HR/Employee Services.


Anycomms+ is a new version of the Anycomms system used in East Sussex schools for over 10 years. It is web based and does not rely on software installed on your computer.

AnyComms+ transfers information securely between schools and the Council. Council departments include Children’s Services, Schools Finance and HR/Employee Services.

All connections are completely secure, and files encrypted. After 30 days, if not downloaded, Anycomms+ deletes files from the system.

Anycomms+ is not a file storage system, so remember to save any files you might need to access later.

Common Transfer File

Common Transfer Files (CTFs) are files which are used to electronically import and export data when pupils transfer from one school to another.

CTFs should be sent via the School to School (S2S) secure website.

For further information, please contact CS Information Systems.