The Equality Duty

1. What is the Equality Duty?

The Equality Duty forms a part of the Equality Act 2010. It replaces the three previous duties on race, disability and gender, bringing them together into a single duty. It also covers:

The Equality Act 2010 and schools

2. What does my school need to do?

There are two specific duties with which your school has to comply:

  1. Publish information to show your compliance with the Equality Duty at least once a year.

  2. Set and publish specific measurable equality objectives at least every four years.

It is up to your school to decide what information you publish to show your compliance with the Equality Duty. There is no prescribed format. However publishing your school’s equality policy and objectives would meet both of the requirements above.

For full guidance on the Equality Duty and producing an equality policy for your school please download the guidance below.

Example equality policy and action plan - editable

Example equality policy and action plan

3. More resources

4. Toolkits, resources and guidance from East Sussex County Council

Trans inclusion - schools toolkit

Guidance to help your school staff support transgender and gender questioning pupils, including testimonies from members of the LGBT community.

Race equality guidance

This guidance has been developed by the Children’s Services department for the schools in East Sussex. It supports a preventative and whole-school approach to promote race equality.

Equality in East Sussex Children's Centres

A good practice guide, including ensuring fair access, effective engagement with people from minority backgrounds, and ensuring personal safety and tackling harassment.

Hate incident reporting guidance

Information on the process and working definitions to enable schools to identify, monitor and respond to hate incidents and prejudice-based bullying.

LGBT+ equals me – a skip, a hop and a jump

Beginning in 2019,  East Sussex young people took part in a project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund supported by the council’s youth service looking into local LGBT history.

The project was called ‘LGBT+ equals me – a skip, a hop and a jump’. It aimed to highlight the little-known history of East Sussex’s LGBT communities. Young people could look at archives and visit cultural sites and museums, as well as record interviews with older member of the local LGBT community.

We have produced a Year 9 English scheme of work for East Sussex schools to tie in with the project, making links to the work of Charleston’s Bloomsbury set. These resources are intended for use in school and may not be accessible for online use: