Strategies and plans


DfE Guidance on temporary changes: attendance recording for educational settings whilst closed due to the coronavirus 

We have put together key information and resources for schools to help maintain provision during the COVID-19 situation.

Excellence for All

This sets out our shared vision for school-led educational improvement across the county.

Excellence for All 

Priorities for school-led improvement 2019-20

The Excellence for All Strategy has a set of collective ambitions to help create an excellent education system in East Sussex:

  • where no child or educational establishment is left behind, and
  • which prepares all young people to move into adult life and make a positive contribution as global citizens and life-long learners.

The East Sussex priorities for school-led improvement 2019-20 set out how the local authority will work to achieve these ambitions.

School Organisation Plan 2020 to 2024

The School Organisation Plan sets out how East Sussex County Council seeks to ensure there are sufficient school places to meet demand across the county.
The document contains information on:

  • The current pattern of school provision across the county
  • Forecasts of future school numbers
  • Our plans to meet the need for additional places in areas of growth
  • Our plans to address the over-supply of places in areas with falling rolls

School Organisation Plan 2020 to 2024

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy 2018-20

The aim of this strategy is to secure and sustain high quality educational provision by recruiting and retaining high quality teachers and school leaders. In order to meet this aspiration, all providers of education across East Sussex will work in partnership to:

  • attract trainees into local initial teacher training provision,
  • encourage teachers new to their careers to teach in the area,
  • draw experienced teachers and leaders into the area, and
  • retain the good teachers and leaders that we have in East Sussex.

The East Sussex Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy 2018-20 has been drawn together by the Local Authority to encompass the contributions of:

  • the East Sussex Teaching School Alliance
  • East Sussex Teacher Training Partnership
  • East Sussex Education Improvement Partnerships
  • Orbis: the East Sussex HR and Employee Services Team and 
  • East Sussex Governor Services and Governor Forum.