DfE Guidance on temporary changes: attendance recording for educational settings whilst closed due to the coronavirus 

We have put together key information and resources for schools to help maintain provision during the COVID-19 situation.

Collaborations (previously known as a soft federation) and often referred to as partnerships are legal arrangements under the Collaboration Regulations of 2003.

Two or more schools retain their own governing body but establish a joint committee with specific delegated powers usually of a strategic nature.

Each school may maintain a headteacher or choose to have an executive headteacher who works in a more strategic way with heads of school dealing with the day to day management of their schools.

The collaboration model is very flexible and can be used in many ways to support shared activities. Since May 2007, maintained schools may enter into collaborative arrangements with further education colleges.

Schools within a collaboration continue to have their own:

  • budget
  • admissions arrangements
  • uniform

Schools within a collaboration are recognised and inspected separately by Ofsted.

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