Leadership development

In the 2021-23 Excellence for All strategy, our ambition is to support every setting and partnership to strengthen leadership at all levels, enabling leaders who promote excellence for all children and young people. We will know we have achieved this when the impact of leadership development opportunities across East Sussex can be seen in strong leadership appointments and better performance at all key stages. This page provides schools and settings with information and guidance to work towards this ambition. School leadership is fundamental to the quality of education pupils receive and the outcomes they achieve. Leadership capacity is central to the effectiveness and sustainability of our school-led self-improving system. We support leadership pathways that encourage teachers and leaders at all levels to engage in roles that draw on and develop their expertise further. This may be through school leadership or wider system leadership opportunities.


From 09 October 2023 we will be launching a new Czone website. The new site has been redesigned and restructured, based on feedback from Schools, Colleges and Settings. We hope the new site will help all education providers to easily access useful information and resources. You will still be able to access the site using the link czone.eastsussex.gov.uk.