Reporting to the LA and DfE on your provision


DfE Guidance on temporary changes: attendance recording for educational settings whilst closed due to the coronavirus 

We have put together key information and resources for schools to help maintain provision during the COVID-19 situation.

Reporting to the LA

From the 8 April 2020 the DfE are able to share the attendance data that schools are returning to them with the local authority so we no longer need schools to also submit attendance data via the google form.

Schools should still use the Google form to indicate if their provision is changing and for any queries or requests, including if there is a risk that the school cannot maintain planned provision. When submitting a query or request please ensure you provide a mobile number and email address so that we may respond.

We may amend the Google form in the future to ask additional questions as and when required.

Reporting to the DfE

From Tuesday 1 September, or the start of term if after this date, schools and colleges will be asked to resume completing the daily educational setting status form and submitting this to the Department for Education by 12 noon daily. Further guidance, FAQs and a list of the questions are available on the website.

The number of questions have been reduced so that the form can be completed quickly. The information you provide through the form is essential to supporting the Government’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and will help the government build a national picture of educational provision so that they can focus support more effectively, monitor the impact of the virus, and ensure children are safe.