Reporting to the LA and DfE on your provision


Schools, colleges and education settings can find information and resources, including links to DfE guidance to support provision during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Testing on return to school

National guidance Contingency framework: education and childcare settings ( advises that students in secondary schools and colleges should be tested twice on site at an Asymptomatic Testing Site (ATS) on return in the autumn term. The tests should be 3-5 days apart.  Staff and students in secondary schools and colleges, should then test themselves using LFD twice a week at home until the end of September, when this will be reviewed

Thresholds for public health support

New thresholds  at which schools and settings might consider seeking public health advice and taking further action to reinforce measures already in place have been updated contingency framework for education and childcare settings

If you meet the new thresholds (summarised below), contact the Department for Education (DfE) Helpline on 0800 046 8687. The DfE will provide advice and guidance, including a referral form for schools to request local Health Protection Team (HPT) support.

  • For special schools, residential/boarding school/holiday camp settings and settings that operate with 20 or fewer children, pupils, students and staff at any one time:
    • 2 or more children, pupil, students and staff who are likely to have mixed closely within a 10 day period*
  • For other settings:
    • 10% or more of children, pupils, students or staff (approximately) who are likely to have mixed closely been confirmed as positive for COVID-19 within a 10 day period*
    • 5 children, pupil or staff or more confirmed COVID-19 cases who are likely to have mixed closely within a 10 day period*
  • If your educational setting is experiencing interest from the media.   
  • There have been any admissions to hospital or deaths in your students or staff members due to COVID-19.    

*At least one of these cases should be PCR positive i.e. laboratory confirmed.

PLEASE NOTE: Cases identified in the test-on-return period should not trigger extra measures or escalation to the DfE helpline/HPT.

Reporting to the LA

Schools should report confirmed cases of Covid19 of staff and pupils who are on site using .

Please provide details of:

  • Confirmed cases for staff and pupils on-site
  • The test used

From 1 September there is no requirement to report the number of pupils self-isolating.

Schools and colleges can use this simple template to report cases to ensure all detail has been captured.

The Emergency School System should be used to report a full school closure, including for example in the case of no heating/burst water main etc.