Support for Safeguarding in Colleges, Schools and Early Years Settings

The Standards and Learning Effectiveness Service (SLES) provides a range of services to support schools, academies and FE colleges with improving provision for safeguarding, some of which are traded. These include conducting safeguarding practice reviews in schools, offering bespoke consultancy in schools, providing whole staff training in safeguarding, and conducting investigations where there are complaints or concerns raised. SLES also facilitate regular networks for Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) which are largely grouped within Education Improvement Partnerships (EIPs). All DSLs are welcome to attend and contribute ideas for agendas and discussion items. Please contact the SLES safeguarding team for more information.


As promised in the Autumn terms, the new protocol on dealing with Harmful Sexual Behaviour in schools has now been finalised.   This protocol for East Sussex schools, settings and colleges has been produced jointly by the SLES safeguarding team, SWIFT specialist services, SPOA, MASH and Early Help. 

The document provides detailed local guidance on how schools should respond to incidents of sexual harassment, sexual violence or harmful sexual behaviour, as defined by the Department for Education’s (DfE) Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance for schools and colleges 2018.

The protocol provides guidance on identifying and responding to harmful sexualised behaviours, including identifying support to all involved children and parents/carers, and managing risks in educational settings.

We encourage all schools, colleges and settings to use this protocol. If you have any any queries, please contact