Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is a Police initiative, to inform schools within 24 hours, when there has been an incident of Domestic Violence or Abuse which involves a pupil at the school. 

When the Police attend a DV/A incident, and there are children present, they will identify the children’s schools and then notify the school, via email, that the incident occurred.

The information shared with the school will be limited: no details of the incident, merely that there was an incident and that Police attended.

By informing the school of this, the school can be better equipped to support that child, whether that means additional monitoring and TLC, if they are presenting as upset, or perhaps a more generous interpretation of the behaviour and sanctions policy, if they are presenting with challenging behaviour.

If you are not already a part of Operation Encompass and would like to join, then please email Operation.EncompassEast@sussex.pnn.police.uk

For further information about the initiative, please visit the national Operation Encompass website: Home : Operation Encompass