DSL Networks

The DSL Networks schedule is currently being finalised and will be released shortly.

The DSL Networks meet three times a year, and are an important aspect of your on-going CPD, ensuring that you are up to date with any changes in guidance, and having the opportunity to share good practice with colleagues. 

Network for New DSLs

Any and all DSLs are welcome to attend any of the network meetings. However, we also run additional network meetings for new to role DSLs. Unlike the main meetings, which may be attended by large numbers of people, the new to role meetings are smaller, with only several people in attendance. These smaller groups are intended to provide an additional forum for newly qualified DSLs to discuss and ask questions, which may not always be covered in the regular DSL meetings. These meetings are organised on demand, as opposed to being scheduled. If you are interested in joining one of these groups please contact  SLES.Safeguarding@eastsussex.gov.uk for more details.