For this year’s audit process we are trying to keep workload to a minimum as we are mindful of how very hard schools are working right now. Nonetheless, we know that you will agree upon the importance for us all of ensuring that our safeguarding practice remains robust and effective. The process then is as follows:

• To account for updates to practice due to KCSiE 2020 and Covid 19 there is a supplemental audit tool, which has just one tab containing seven statements to self-assess against.
• We would like you to return both your updated existing audit along with the supplemental document.
• The deadline for submission of these two documents is the 1st April 2021 and it should be sent to

If you are a new DSL and cannot locate last year’s audit for your school then contact and we will share the most recent version we have.

Schools/Academies and Colleges

Independent Schools