The Prevent Duty - preventing extremism

3. Training about Prevent and Channel

Short courses are available for those who need awareness of what forms radicalisation may take. They range from a twenty minute overview of Prevent to more in-depth training suitable for people with safeguarding responsibilities.

The training is structured to meet the differing needs of Local Authority Staff with an emphasis on practical delivery and time constraints. 

Prevent briefing (20 mins)

This session is a concise explanation of Prevent incorporating information on the background of Prevent and what the strategy is aiming to achieve. Basic information on the new Prevent Duty is included. This training is intended to meet the needs of teams who interface with the public on a general basis.

Prevent awareness and recognition (45 mins)

This session includes the Prevent briefing but moves on to identifying different types of extremism, recognising signs of radicalisation and the process of referring to Channel. This session is designed to meet the needs of workers who will have safeguarding as an integral part of their duties.

Prevent awareness training (90 mins)

This in depth training session builds on the Awareness session but incorporates case studies and incorporates WRAP 3 which is the official Home Office training for Prevent. In line with WRAP 3 referrals to Channel are examined in detail.

This training is intended for managers with safeguarding responsibilities as well as safeguarding leads.

A Prevent information booklet will be handed out to staff attending the briefing session with additional referencing material handed out to staff attending the more in depth awareness sessions including an information version of the power point presentation.

The East Sussex Prevent e-learning course

This course will introduce you to the Prevent Counter Terrorism Strategy. You will develop an understanding of the Prevent agenda for those working with children, young people and families and their role within it, including statutory duties (and duties specifically for schools).

General awareness training on Channel

The College of Policing & Metropolitan Police Service have produced an online general awareness training module on Channel. The module is suitable for school staff and other front-line workers. It provides an introduction to the topics, including how to identify factors that can make people vulnerable to radicalisation, and case studies illustrating the types of intervention that may be appropriate, in addition to Channel.

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